Book Reviews

by Sally Ramage, Editor, The Criminal Lawyer, Bloomsbury



Child Abuse by Laura Hoyland and Caroline Keenan, OUP

Comparative Capital Punishment  editors Carol S Steiker and Jordan M Steiker, senior editors Francesco Parisi and Tom Ginsburg, Elgar Press

Blackstone’s Police Manual 2008 Volume 4 by Glynn Hutton & Gavin McKinnon, OUP

Blackstone’s Custody Officers’ Manual, by Huw Smart, OUP

International Criminal Law Vol One edited by William A Schabas, Edward Elgar

Governing International Rivers by Tum Myint, Edward Elgar

Blackstone’s Police Manual 2011 Vol 2 – Evidence and Procedure, by Davis Johnson and Glenn Hutton with consultant editor Paul Connor, OUP

Decision to Imprison by Rasmus H Wandal, Ashgate Publishing




Reminiscences of a retired solicitor and employment judge by Stuart Duncan: e-book: review by Gordon Turner published in the Law-Society Gazette September 2015

Iconic Insider Trading Cases by Stephen M Bainbridge, UCLA School of Law



Belle: the true story of Dido Belle by Paula Byrne, William Collins Publishers (2014)

365 Daily Advocacy Tips, by Leslie Cuthbert, Bloomsbury Professional (2015)

In darkest London, The Gothic Cityscape in Victorian Literature, by Jamieson Ridenhour, the Scarecrow Press Inc (US: Maryland, 2003)

Belle: the true story of Dido Bell, by Paula Byrne, William Collins Publishers (2014)

Criminalisation, The Political Morality of Criminal Law, by RA Duff, L Farmer, SE Marchall, M Renzo and V Tadros, OUP (2014)

Key Concepts in Crime and Society by Ross Coomber, Joseph F. Donnermeyer, Karen McElrath and John Scott, Sage Publishers, UK and USA (2015)

The Consequences of Counterterrorism edited by Martha Crenshaw, Russell Sage Foundation, New York, 2010



Death of Punishment: Searching for Justice among the Worst of the Worst by Professor Robert Blecker, Palgrave Macmillan (2013): Book reviewed by Attorney-at-Law Richard Barbuto

Modern Bribery Law: Comparative Perspectives, edited by Jeremy Horder and Peter Allridge, Cambridge University Press (2013)

National Security: Double Government by Michael J Glennon, OUP (2014)



Blackstone’s Police Manual - Volume 1 – Crime – 2013 – Paul Connor, OUP (2013)

Guyana Court of Appeal, The: Cavendish Publishing Ltd

Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law, The,  by Nathaniel Burney, James McClure Publishing (2012)

Whistleblowing Land and Practice by John Bowers, Martin Fodder, Jeremy Lewis and Jack Mitchell, OUP (2012)



Civil Rights and Security edited by David Dyzenhaus, Ashgate Publishing (2008)

Confiscation Law Handbook by Adrian Eissa and Ruth Barber, Bloomsbury Professional (2011)

Covert Investigation (3rd edition) by Clive Harfield and Karen Harfield, OUP (2012)

Effective investigation of child homicide and suspicious deaths by David Marshall, Blackstone Practical Policing, OUP (2012)

Explaining Criminal Careers: Implications for Justice Policy by JF Macleod, PG Grove and DP Farrington, OUP (2012)

Global Policing by Ben Bowling and James Sheptycki, Sage Publishing (2012)

Guide to National Security, A by Julian Richards, OUP (2012)

Police culture in a changing world by Bethan Loftus, OUP (2012)



Are human rights for migrants? by M Dumbour and T Kelly (editors), Routledge (2011)

Blackstone’s Police Manual 2012 Volume 4 – General Police Duties by Glenn Hutton and Gavin McKinnon OUP (2011)

Child Pornography Law and Policy by Alisdair A Gillespie, Routledge (2011)

Covert Policing by Simon McKay, OUP (2011)

Identification: Investigation, Trial and Scientific Evidence by Paul Bogan, QC, and Andrew Roberts, Jordans (2011)

Inquests by John Cooper, QC, Hart Publishing, 2011

Police Law by Jack English and Richard Card, OUP (2011)

Policing: Development and Contemporary Practice by Peter Joyce, Sage Publications (2011)

Surveillance and Crime: key approaches to Criminology by Roy Coleman and Michael McCahill, Sage Publications (2011)



Act and Crime by Michael S Moore, OUP (2010)

Blackstone’s Police Manual 2011 Volume 1 – Crime by Paul Connor, OUP (2010)

Blackstone’s Police Manual 2011 Volume 2 – Evidence and Procedure by David Johnston and Glenn Hutton, OUP (2010)

Blackstone’s Police Manual 2011 Volume 3 - Road Policing by Simon Cooper and Michael Orme, OUP (2010)

Health and Safety at Work by Jeremy Stranks, Kogan Page (2010)

Health and Safety Enforcement Law and Practice by Richard Matthews and James Ageros, OUP (2010)

Legalising Drugs by Philip Bean, Policy Press, Bristol University (2010)

Road Traffic Law 2010 by Simon Cooper and Michael Orme, Blackstone’s Practical Policing, OUP (2010)

Shoot to Kill by Maurice Punch, Policy Press, Bristol University (2010)

The consequences of counter-terrorism edited by Martha Crenshaw Russell Sage Foundation (2010)

Youth Court Guide by Moore, Rahman and Rendell,  Bloomsbury Professional (2010)



ASBO Nation The Criminalisation of Nuisance by Peter Squires, Policy Press, Bristol University (2009)

Blackstone’s Guide to Anti-terrorism Legislation by Clive Walker, OUP (2009)

Causation and responsibility by Michael S. Moore, OUP (2009)

Fraud Investigation: Criminal Procedure and Investigation by Sally Ramage, iUniverse (2009)

Mental Illness, Medicine and Law edited by Martin Lyon Levine, Ashgate (2009)

Police Law by Jack English and Richard Card, OUP (2009)

Rights and Duties of Directors by Martha Bruce, Bloomsbury Professional (2009)

Securing Respect  Behavioural Expectations and Anti-Social Behaviour in the UK, ed by Andrew Millie, Policy Press, Bristol University (2009)

The devil's children edited by Jean La Fontaine, Ashgate (2009)

Tomorrow’s Criminals edited by Rolf Loeber et al, Ashgate (2009)



Blackstone’s Custody Officers Manual by Huw Smart, OUP (2008)

Blackstone’s Police Manual 2006-Volume 4 - General Police Duties by Glynn Hutton & Gavin McKinnon, OUP (2008)

Child Abuse by Laura Hoyland and Caroline Keenan, OUP (2008)

Handbook of Firearms and Ballistics by Brian J Heard, John Wiley (2008)

Hate on the Net; Extremist Sites, New-fascism On-line, Electronic Jihad, by Roversi, Ashgate Publishing 2005

Stones Justice Manual 2008



Blackstones Guide to the Fraud Act by Farrell, Yeo and Ladenburg, OUP (2007)

Blackstone’s Guide to the Mental Health Act 2007 by Paul Bowen, OUP (2007)

Blackstone’s Police Manual 2007 Volume 1 – Crime, OUP (2007)

Blackstone’s Police Q & A 2007 – Crime by Huw Smart and John Watson, OUP (2007)

Fair Trials by Sarah J. Summers, Hart Publishing (2007)

Human Trafficking edited by Maggie Lee, Willan (2007)

Inside the digital revolution by Bridgett Wessels, Ashgate (2007)

Legal Responses to Trafficking in Women for Sexual Exploitation in the EU by Heli Askola, Hart Publishing (2007)

Persistent Young Offenders by David Lobley and David Smith, Ashgate (2007)

Rethinking Miscarriages of Justice by Michael Naughton, Palgrave Macmillan (2007)

Smuggling and trafficking in human beings by Sheldon X Zhang, Praeger (2007)



Murder by D’Cruze, Walklate and Pegg, Willan (2006)

The Dark Side of the Internet by Paul Bocij, Praeger (2006)



Civil Actions Against the Police by Clayton & Tomlinson, Sweet & Maxwell (2005)



Supervising Offenders in the Community by Maurice Vanstone, Ashgate (2004)



Police Corruption by Donald Campbell, Barry Rose (2002)



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