Papers and Case Studies

(not published in the Criminal Lawyer, Current Criminal Law r Criminal Law News)

by Sally Ramage, Editor, The Criminal Lawyer




uploaded 27 April 2020



The principles of misrepresentation within English contact law.



The public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 protects employees who speak out about fraud or misconduct.



An examination of the concept of serious fraud with the emphasis on financial fraud



Who are the bad guys in cyberspace?  Report of the Computer and Internet Crime Conference 2004.



United Nations Environment Programme – Environment in the News.  Monday, 21 February 2005.



A report on the conference.



A flavour of what the Report and Accounts prepared using International Standards will look like.  Addresses some practical issues.



The McCann case- news material, law of Portugal, extradition treaty , constitution of Portugal, holidays in Portugal, etc.





Malaysian airport security, trade secrets, sabotage?


Rurik Jutting, British banker working in Hong Kong, killed two sex workers earlier


Prisoners in British prisons today


In Support of Fraud Trials without a Jury


Insanity plea: a retrospective examination of the verdict of "not guilty on the ground of insanity"


Case Study of Christopher Forster’s Ulva Ltd


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in administration


Fannie Mae – a United States Government Sponsored Enterprise and a Complex, Securitized, Unregulated “Bank”


Music copyright: protection of performers – who owns the rights?


UK: British Businesses Beware!  Digital Evidence is Coming to a Courtroom Near You!


The Bar Association – RAISING THE BAR – report about advocacy training and vulnerable witnesses


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